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Aries deep in the crowd like…


Taurus be pacing themselves like…


Gemini talking to pretty much everyone like…


Cancer creepin’ in the corner somewhere like…


Leo showing everyone their party trick like…


Virgo tryna get in the rhythm like…image

Libra getting their…

How do you persuade every parent's signs to get stuff like piercings or dye your hair ect... ?


Aries- When it comes to an Aries parent they may be the ones you’re afraid to even ask about getting a piercing because of how mad they will get. To persuade an Aries you need to talk about how it will be an experience and then promise that you’ll do really well on your grades or something else in return for being able to dye your hair.

Taurus- This is a parent who is hard to persuade or move in anyway. Unless they are already liberal with piercings and things like that they might always say no. Showing how much you want it might help. Asking a Taurus mom to come with you to get a piercing might persuade her more. A Dad however, you gotta cross your fingers.

Gemini- A Gemini parent is not hard to persuade in these matters, in fact a Gemini mom or dad might go with their child to get the piercing/dye. Gemini is all about experimenting and change and a lot of times tries to be the “cool” parent. But if you have a Gemini parent who says no to dying your hair or wearing a crazy outfit just wait it out and keep pushing, they are quite yielding or at least changeable.

Cancer- This is another sign that will be hard to move when it comes to getting any kind of piercing. They tend to be overprotective parents too. To reach them you have to pull on their heart strings. While I shouldn’t condone this… but moping around and showing how disappointed you are might get them to say yes/be okay with it.

Leo- For a Leo they can swing in two directions. The traditional Leo will forbid you to get pink hair or a nose ring and will be furious if you do it. But for other Leos, all you have to do is say that you are doing it to express yourself and they will be on board.

Virgo- You might give your Virgo parent a heart attack if you dye your hair purple or get spikes or get an ear gauge. Virgo will say no but they might not get that mad if you just go ahead and do it. Sure they will nag you for a long time but you probably won’t get grounded. If you can deal with them bringing up how ugly it looks all the time then go for it.

Libra- This is a sign who can easily persuade you into not getting a crazy hair-cut. So to get them to be okay with your tattoo or belly button piercing you need to use their weapon against them and try to talk it out. Compromise and reason is what you need to use to win.

Scorpio- There are Scorpio parents out there who have had a tattoo or piercing and might be okay with their kid getting one too and support them but for those who aren’t they may seem stubborn and uncompromising however you need to get to their heart to make them say yes. For Scorpio you need to show how much it means to you and give reasons as to why you want blue hair. Make them believe that tattoo of a bird has a lot of meaning and they might give you a grumbled, “fine”.

Sagittarius- Buzzwords like “experience”, “it’s in style”, or “it would look awesome” can win over a Sagittarius parent. These parents tend to be open with their children and parenting style. A Sagittarius parent can be supportive and excited for you when you want to get a tattoo or shave all your hair off. If by a rare chance you have a strict or stubborn Sagittarius parent try a mixture of facts and feelings to appeal to the combination of their intellect and instinctual nature. Explain how a certain piercing might be safe and if you want to be professional you can just take it out and then go on to say how awesome it will make you feel and how it will boost your self-esteem.

Capricorn- Good luck! This parent will say no and then if they think you are going to rebel will lock you up in your room. Bless you if you have a more relaxed Capricorn parent when it comes to crazy hair, tattoos, and piercings because they are not common. A Capricorn will say no, will probably not be swayed, so your only chance is to rebel which will tick them off and you will just have to live with it and maybe they can realize that some rebellion and self-expression is normal…. But they will probably realize it years later after your wedding. The best advice I can give is to maybe try explaining to the Capricorn how you can still look professional and neat with whatever you are getting (and if you can’t well again good luck).

Aquarius- This sign knows all about self-expression, exploring, trends, and rebellion. If you don’t have an Aquarius parent who says yes to your crazy idea then they might be trying to keep up a good image in the community. If that is the case I say go out and do it anyways and remind them what it’s like to be young. But for the good kids out there, who I am just going to say I’m sure all of you are (*cough cough*) try appealing to their youthful side, get them to remember when they had their crazy days. Also talking a lot about your individuality might make them give in too.

Pisces- This is the parent who probably guilt tripped you into not getting that tattoo before you could guilt trip them. Saying things like “You are going to break my heart” or “I just don’t want to see you make a mistake/ruin your future” is what you might hear a Pisces parent say. If you really want that tattoo or piercing you are going to have to wait for them to come around and say they support you. A Pisces parent who is against whatever you are doing might eventually feel bad and give in.

Musicians of the Zodiac
Aries: Muddy Waters, Loretta Lynn, Eric Clapton, Ritchie Blackmore, Marvin Gaye, Elton John
Taurus: Ella Fitzgerald, Iggy Pop, Pete Townshend, Joey Ramone, Peter Frampton
Gemini: Howlin' Wolf, Bob Dylan, Charlie Watts, Paul McCartney, John Bonham, Stevie Nicks
Cancer: Bill Haley, Stuart Sutcliffe, Ringo Starr, Carlos Santana, Debbie Harry, Courtney Love, Jack White
Leo: Louis Armstrong, Isaac Hayes, Mick Jagger, Robert Plant, Whitney Houston
Virgo: Hank Williams Sr., Patsy Cline, Buddy Holly, Roger Waters, Gene Simmons, Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse
Libra: Chuck Berry, Julie Andrews, John Lennon, Paul Simon, Lindsay Buckingham, Sting, Weird Al Yankovich
Scorpio: Bill Wyman, Art Garfunkel, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Björk, Anthony Kiedis, Lorde
Sagittarius: Frank Sinatra, Little Richard, Jim Morrison, Keith Richards, Ozzy Osbourne, Meg White
Capricorn: Lead Belly, Elvis Presley, Joan Baez, Syd Barrett, Janis Joplin, John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page, David Bowie, Eddie Vedder
Aquarius: Etta James, Bob Marley, Carole King, Tony Iommi, Alice Cooper, Peter Gabriel, Axl Rose
Pisces: Johnny Cash, Brian Jones, George Harrison, Lou Reed, Kurt Cobain, Billy Corgan
At a Zodiac Sleepover, the Signs are…


Aries- pranking an unsuspecting victim

Taurus- making a fort to sleep in

Gemini- trying to stay up all night

Cancer- making the snacks

Leo- telling everyone a funny story

Virgo- talking about crushes

Libra- swapping health/beauty tips

Scorpio- trying to scare the crap out of their friends

Sagittarius- starting a game of man hunt

Capricorn- bugging you for your wifi password

Aquarius- pulling out the ouiji board

Pisces-falling asleep first



Adrian Hough doing a shout-out for mongoliantiger. I asked him to say “Ziio touched my butt. I felt good.” but he refused :/

also, he’s saying (in case it’s hard to hear), “Hello Avis. How are you? Thank you for all your tumblr posts.” if only he knew XD

he said my name….

he said my…


*Destiny’s Child “Say My name” plays in the background*






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